Redesign to the M4K429RTx module

15 January, 2013

Redesign to the M4K429RTx module:

Set_Skip and Enable_translation were both added to the current module and will also be in the new module. They are described in the attachments.

The advantages of the new module are:

1)            SKIP also works in frequency mode – in the old module it only works in block mode

2)            Timing for both block and frequency modes is much improved. Even with all 10 channels active.

3)            Timetagging is much more accurate since it is hardware tagged rather than firmware tagged

4)            We can keep up with 10 channels running 100% throughput, i.e. with 4 bit interword times. The old card can keep up with about 15 bit intergap times.

5)            We support Irig timetags on each label. That is a 64 bit timetag based on the IRIG time plus our own additional bits to bring precision down to 1 microsecond.

6)            Firmware support for data Reconstructor making it much more accurate.

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