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24 May, 2022 The EXC-8000cPCI board for Compact PCI & PXI systems supports up to 6 modules. Each module represents an independent test and simulation device. More
Excalibur Systems

MARC II - mini recorder

14 January, 2022 The MARCII is a complete Miniature Airborne ReCording system designed to record messages of several communication protocols. Small, light, with low power consumption and large storage capacity for recorded data, the MARCII is the perfect standalone solution for airborne recording. More

4000 Obsolescence

3 January, 2022 After 20 years as the premier multiprotocol avionics communications family of boards in the industry, the Excalibur 4000 family of boards is becoming obsolete due to the obsolescence of several parts on the board including the 96-pin connector. More

Price increase

3 January, 2022 So far 2021 has been a difficult year for many industries, including ours. We were hopeful that we would see a turnaround by now, but the supply chain challenges have recently become even greater. The difficulty obtaining components is increasing on a daily basis. More
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