Excalibur is committed to the pursuit of quality in every aspect of its business in order to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements.

Excalibur’s quality system is designed for constant process improvement in areas of production, product development and customer support.

Excalibur's marketing quality goal is to be market driven in the design, implementation and support of its products. Great emphasis is placed on listening to our customers needs and understanding their expectations of product performance.

Excalibur's production quality goal is for each product that is sent to a customer to have verifiably complete and correct hardware, software and documentation.

Excalibur's product development quality goal is to have a defined, repeatable and predictable development process for hardware and software development.

Excalibur's customer support quality goal is for customers to receive a response to their sales or technical queries within two working days and to track requests requiring long-term solutions until they are resolved to customer satisfaction.


The Quality Management System at Excalibur Systems supports the company’s Quality Policy and ensures adherence to requirements during all stages of development and manufacturing of the product including testing and shipping. 

Excalibur Systems maintains a Quality Management System which conforms to specified internal as well as external customer requirements.  The system is certified to the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015 and  SAE AS9100:2016.

Effective methods (along with their sequence and interactions) to ensure the operation and control of the defined processes are described in the various Excalibur Systems’ procedures.

Scheduled Management Reviews ensure the availability of resources and information required to support the operation and monitoring of the identified processes.

Processes are monitored, measured, and analyzed for continuous improvement via internal audits and Management Reviews.

Actions necessary to reach planned results as well as continued improvements are identified and recorded in the corrective/preventive action database.

Excalibur’s documented system includes the following:

  • The Excalibur Systems Quality Policy and Quality Goals
  • Quality Manual with reference to quality and work procedures
  • Quality/work procedures with reference to:
    Work instructions, test procedures, forms, lists, IPC documents, and other external documentation.


Excalibur Systems ensures that all employees have access to Quality Management System documentation and are aware of relevant procedures.

Excalibur Systems ensures that all employees have access to Quality Management System documentation and are aware of relevant procedures.

Senior Management establishes Quality Objectives including those needed to meet requirements for Excalibur products at relevant levels and functions within the company.  These objectives are defined in the Management Reviews and are measurable and consistent with the company’s quality policy. The General Manager and his staff are responsible for establishing company objectives as well as planning and providing suitable resources for the organization to achieve these objectives, while maintaining the Quality System. These planned resources include human resources, budgeting equipment for managing/ performing all processes and quality activities including internal audits. 

Product quality parameters are planned and designed; they are included in the specific product work instructions used by production personnel/approved subcontractors to build the printed circuit boards. The product test procedure for each product is planned to test boards according to designed parameters. The quality of the work process is planned and documented in the appropriate work procedures. The quality of workmanship is planned and executed to meet or exceed IPC standards.

All employees of Excalibur are committed to ensure quality of processes they are involved in, and as an outcome, for the quality of the final product. At all times, they have the responsibility and authority to identify problems, initiate corrective and preventive actions, and notify the appropriate personnel.

The effectiveness of Excalibur System’s Quality Management System is constantly reviewed for improvement via the company’s quality policy, quality goals, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions, weekly project meetings, and Management Review.

Excalibur maintains a documented system and procedure to define, manage, follow-up, and record corrective and preventive actions.