The M4K-ETH is an intelligent Gigabit Ethernet interface module for the multiprotocol Excalibur 4000 family of carrier boards (only 64 bit versions). The module supports 10Mhz, 100Mhz and 1Ghz Full Duplex UDP/IP Ethernet.

The receive channels allow for the storage of all packets to all MAC and IP addresses with status and Time Tag information appended to each packet. The receivers allow for filtering based on MAC address, IP address and UDP port. The transmit channels enable the user to define a Bus list which controls timing and order of packets without host intervention or immediate mode which enables the host to transmit packets at will.


PCI Express 64 bit

The EXC-4000PCIe-64/xx card for the PCI Express bus support up to four Ethernet channels using the M4KETH module
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