Anti-Human Trafficking Compliance Plan

The United States Government has published a Federal Acquisition Regulation - FAR 52.222-50(h) - to prevent trafficking in human beings. Excalibur Systems is in full support and compliance with this directive and has developed its own Anti-Human Trafficking Compliance Plan in support of it. The purpose of this Plan is to ensure employees, agents and subcontractors are aware of prohibited conduct under anti-trafficking regulations and laws, as well as actions that my result from violations. A full copy of this plan is available on this page.


Anti Bribery & Corruption Compliance Program

Excalibur Systems has a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Excalibur therefore places a strong emphasis on strict compliance with all relevant local and international laws and recommendations which prohibit and regulate the ongoing battle against bribery and corruption. Accordingly, in order to strengthen this policy, Excalibur has decided to establish, implement and enforce a new comprehensive anti-bribery and corruption compliance program. We expect that all employees and business associates of Excalibur will do their utmost to help us maintain the high ethical business standards and constant diligence required to implement and maintain the Compliance Program. We urge all employees and business associates to immediately bring to our attention all incidents which raise concerns of inappropriate behavior and possible breach of Excalibur's Policy.