Discrete Module for Multi Protocol 4000 Boards

The M4KDiscrete is an interface module for the multimode, multiprotocol Excalibur EXC-4000 family of carrier boards. The M4KDiscrete provides a complete solution for developing and testing discrete voltage-level interfaces.

The module contains control I/O registers that may be accessed in real time. The module supports 20 discretes. The user can set each discrete:

• Either as input or output.

• Either to TTL (0 – 5V) or Avionics (0 – 32V) voltage levels and

• Either enable or disable external debounce

Output discretes are open collector, capable of handling up to 32V with a maximum current of 100 mA each. There is a 4092 word FIFO, capable of storing 1023 Discrete entries containing the discrete data and Time tags.