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23 August, 2016 The M4K-ETH is an intelligent Gigabit Ethernet interface module for the multiprotocol Excalibur 4000 family of carrier boards. The module supports 10Mhz, 100Mhz and 1Ghz Full Duplex UDP/IP Ethernet. More
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ARINC-429 & ARINC-717 on Mini PCIe card

Excalibur Systems 4 February, 2016 The DAS-429mPCIe/RT10, DAS-429mPCIe/RT6D4 and DAS-429mPCIe/RT8-717 are ARINC 429, multichannel interface cards. The DAS-429mPCIe/RT6D4 has additional Discrete I/Os and the DAS-429mPCIe/RT8-717 has additional ARINC 717 receive and transmit channels. They comply with the PCI Express support one lane 2.5 Gbps PCI Express. The card�s small size and suitability for Mini Card compatible computers make it a complete solution for developing, testing, integrating ARINC 429 interfaces and for performing system simulation of the ARINC 429 bus, both in the lab and in the field.
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