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EXC-1553PCMCIA/EPII moving to legacy product line

12 November, 2007 As of 1/1/2008 the EXC-1553PCMCIA/EPII card will move over and allow the new EXC-1553PCMCIA/P1 card to take its place under the multi function 1553 single channel category for PCMCIA type cards. The EXC-1553PCMCIA/P1 card is fully compatible with the EPII card and can be upgraded to a EXC-1553PCMCIA/P2 card allowing 2 1553 multi function channels on one PCMCIA card. The EXC-1553PCMCIA/EPII card will still be available for purchase if necessary.
Excalibur Systems

New 1553 ccPMC card

21 August, 2007 Now Excalibur has added a 1553 multi function PMC card to its line of MIL-STD-1553 cards. This conduction cooled card supports up to 4 dual redundant 1553 channels.
Excalibur Systems

2 Channel PCMCIA for 1553

1 August, 2007 The EXC-1553PCMCIA/Px has now been released for supporting two multi function 1553 channels on one Type II PCMCIA card.
Excalibur Systems

EXALT Documentation

10 July, 2007 Excalibur releases its EXALT Plus Quick Start Guide.

To download new Quick Start Guide go to: "PRODUCTS => Software => Exalt Plus"
Excalibur Systems

Exalt Plus - ARINC-429 Simulation

20 March, 2007 Exalt Plus, Excalibur System’s powerful monitor and analyzer software, now supports simulation for the ARINC‑429 protocol. More
Excalibur Systems

Dragon 1-2007

29 January, 2007 Excalibur has released its new design for the Dragon line of data recorders
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