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When designing or upgrading avionics systems we are often faced with the task of integrating components that were not originally designed to work together.

A control computer that communicates using RS-232 may need to control component that expects MIL-STD-1553 messages or an INS may put out ARINC-429 labels, which are needed by Multi function Display designed around RS-422.

Faced with problems like these, integrators must choose between two poor options. They must either give up on one of the units in favor of another unit that may be less suitable but uses the appropriate communications spec; or they must add a computer system – often PC104 – which can translate from one unit to the other. These computers are generally large, heavy, hot, and require substantial power.

The MACC II is a wholly contained Miniature Airborne Communications Converter (data converter - protocol converter or translator). The MACC II can carry up to 4 modules. Each module can be one of the following protocols: 

Please see multi protocol 8000 modules for additional information on protocols that can be used on the MACC II.

The processor may be programmed to convert data in real time from any format to any other format. The MACC is programmed directly on the hardware - i.e. with no operating system - enabling it to achieve optimum latencies. Its small size, weight, low power requirements and integrated heatsink make it an excellent candidate for solving airborne communications incompatibilities.


Ordering Information: 

Part Number Description


Miniature Airborne Communications Converter II -  industrial temp. with MIL-STD-704 power supply, 1-Ch 100/1000 ETHERNET, 1-Ch USB, 1-Ch RS232, 4 DISCRETE I/O, 1-IRIG B INPUT and 1-IRIG B OUTPUT

Mating Connectors & Cable Assemblies are NOT INCLUDED

Note:      "x”   specifies a protocol.  

A* -  ARINC-429  Five programmable channels 
C* -  ARINC-708 Two programmable channels
F* -  MIL-STD-1553 One single function channel
I* -   Discrete I/O 10 D I/O, SW programmable in/out, TTL/Avionics 0-32V DC
J* - RS232/422/485 Two channels, Baud rate up to 3 Mbps RS-232, RS-422/485 up to 10 Mbps
L* -  MIL-STD-1760 One single function channel
N* - ARINC-717 Two channels Rx/Tx, HBP and BPRZ signals
R* - MMSI Five channels meets requirements of AS5643, 10Mbps 1553 Protocol/RS-485 Transceivers
S* - ARINC-825  Five channels
            -S = Ground return isolated from shield
           -IP = Ingress Protection


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