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Testing of Airborne Avionics Systems


Excalibur’s Flight-Sim Tester is a hardware and software solution for enabling near-real flight testing scenarios for airborne system testing (avionics testing).

Can be very helpful in testing for Cyber Security in Avionics Systems.

We understand the complexity and effort required for generating dynamic scenarios to find problems before incurring the costs of in-flight testing.

The Flight-Sim Tester, using Excalibur’s FS-Bridge software application, enables you to bridge this gap, generating high quality testing with no additional software development, integrating seamlessly into your testing process. We have combined the power and realism of the commercially proven flight simulator with our low latency software bridge.

You can choose from a preconfigured or custom scenario to generate flight data parameters. We gather these parameters using the flight simulator’s Ethernet interface and connect the Ethernet interface to our field proven MACC. The MACC then converts the data in the Ethernet messages to ARINC 429, CAN bus, Serial, MIL-STD-1553 or any of Excalibur's other avionics interfaces, to customize the test parameters to your program's specific needs.

This customization is implemented using an Excel spreadsheet-based profile. Excalibur supplies an initial conversion profile that you can modify according to your individual needs.You can therefore design a single flight scenario and use it to test multiple devices with different interface requirements simply by modifying the MACC’s conversion profile.

Click here for 1553 Bus Analyzer

Click here for ARINC-429 Bus Analyzer 


Overview - Flight Simulator Testing System:


Ordering Information:

Part Number Description
ES-Flightsim-xx         Excalibur’s Flight-Sim Tester package including MACC and FS-Bridge1


“xx” - protocol codes. See Ordering Information in the MACC User’s Manual. 

Mating connectors and adapter cables can be ordered separately.


Microsoft Flight Simulator and the FSUIPC add-on must be purchased separately. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition  


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