Many of our customers spend multiple man years of effort to simulate flight conditions in the lab. This very expensive effort will always be limited by time and budget.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the result of 40 years of effort by Microsoft to simulate every known aircraft and every large and medium size airport under a large variety of conditions. They simulate takeoff, cruising, and landing under different weather conditions with startling reality.

Excalibur has taken advantage of this massive effort to help our customers test their own avionics units. Microsoft generates real avionics data in support of all its simulations. A third-party software package transmits these engineering units over Ethernet and Excalibur then translates this Ethernet data to the communications specification of your choice whether it be ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, Serial 232/422/485 or a variety of other popular avionics specifications.

The result is a testing environment that is the result of hundreds of man years of effort catered to your specific needs at a cost orders of magnitude lower than you could achieve on your own.

It’s also fun to use!


Overview - Flight Simulator Testing System:

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Ordering Information:

Part Number Description
ES-Flightsim-xx         Excalibur’s Flight-Sim Tester package including MACC and FS-Bridge1


“xx” - protocol codes. See Ordering Information in the MACC User’s Manual. 

Mating connectors and adapter cables can be ordered separately.


Microsoft Flight Simulator and the FSUIPC add-on must be purchased separately. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition  

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