The EXC-4000PCIe/xx card for the PCI Express bus supports up to thirty two MMSI hub ports and four composite Bus Monitor outputs using the M4KMMSI module.  Each module can operate  in one of three modes of operation: Remote Terminal, Bus Controller/Concurrent-RT/Concurrent Monitor, and Bus Monitor.

The EXC-4000PCIe/xx is supplied with C drivers, including source code, and  may be used with Exalt, Excalibur’s Analysis and Laboratory Tools, a Windows monitoring application. Mating connector provided for I/O connection.
Please see multi protocol 4000 modules for additional information on protocols that can be added to this card.
Ordering Information: 

Part Number  Description
EXC-4000PCIe/xx  Multi-protocol interface for PCI Express compatible systems
EXC-4000PCIe64/xx   64 bit version
Rx   M4KMMSI Mini Munition Store Interface module for the Excalibur 4000 family of

carrier boards. Supports RT, BC/Concurrent -RT /Concurrent Monitor
Modes and Bus Monitor modes. Up to 8 hub ports EBR-1553 [10 Mbps
1553 protocol using RS-485 transceivers] and 1 monitor output.

X4K-xx 50cm cable adapter for EXC-4000 card [optional]

"xx” specifies the modules ordered with the carrier board.
"-E" added to the end of the part number specifies extended temperature (-40° to +85°C) option.
"-001" added to the end of the part number specifies conformal coating option.

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