Exalt Plus – Excalibur Analysis Laboratory Tools

Exalt, Excalibur's user-friendly and intuitive database monitor and analyzer, is a cost effective, next generation avionics application for streamlined data acquisition, processing and translation into meaningful engineering units. Exalt gets you started quickly and efficiently with monitoring, analyzing and displaying real-time data,  from multiple types of buses. Exalt allows you to analyze bus health in many different views: raw data, engineering units or graphical displays.

Exalt works in conjunction with Excalibur's family of Multi-Protocol 4000 cards. Exalt is one of the few programs capable of monitoring from multiple buses and multiple protocols simultaneously, (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, ARINC-708, Discretes, MMSI, H009, Firewire and AFDX).

Exalt was designed with busy engineers in mind. Tasks are organized in modular displays, on tabbed pages so you can focus on the job in hand while other tasks keep running in the background.

You can “freeze” the display to analyze the current message and look at the previous messages all while Exalt continues to monitor and store the new messages.

MIL-STD-1553 RT Mode

In addition to BC concurrent mode and monitor mode. Exalt now completes the functionality of MIL-STD-1553 with support for Remote Terminal Mode (RT Mode). Each module may be configured to simulate up to 32 RT's, with the user selecting which RT's are active. Options to inject communication errors or status word errors into the message responses are available.  A maximum of 256 data blocks may be associated with a particular RT/SA combination. Data blocks may be defined as static data or dynamic data using Exalts standard engineering units and functions.


Sometimes users need to create a bus list in order to have data to analyze or because they need to communicate with an external device.

Exalt also acts as a Bus Controller, setting up the bus list, including minor frame timing, error injection and retry parameters. Any or all of the Remote Terminals in the system can be simulated and any data field can be associated with an algorithm to adjust its data in real-time to better simulate the actual contents of the bus.

Exalt contains very powerful frame-building tools allowing messages or frames to be sent or skipped bases on triggers. Other triggers jump from frame to frame to invoke asynchronous frames. Transmitted data can be altered manually, via on-screen dials or via pre-selected algorithms based on time or on incoming data from other messages or other buses. The ability to change both the frame list and the data contents or messages enables both normal range  testing and robustness testing.

Exalt Features

  • Monitor and record in real-time, all bus activity or selected messages

  • Trigger recording or search replay files using complex expressions.
  • Export replay files engineering units or raw data values to XML or CSV format.
  • Import engineering unit definitions from defined tab delimited file.
  • Replay recorded data or segments of recorded data for purposes of analyzing complex patterns of data, time, alarms and errors.
  • Display raw data sequentially or selectively in hex, decimal, binary and octal.
  • Translate raw data into engineering units by specifying scale or offset or by writing your own DLL based functions.
  • Create derived engineering units for monitoring and graphing based on expressions.
  • Track error messages.
  • Graphically display data in graphs, x/y plots, gauges and bar graphs.
  • All expressions may be tested on existing engineering units, a rich build in set of functions or user programmed external functions.
  • Export data for further analysis to 3rd party tools.


    Ordering Information:

    Part Number  Description
    EXALTPlus-32-x      simulation, monitoring and analysis application (32bit)

    Note:  "-x"      specifies "C", "H" or "U"

                           C = secured CDROM 

                           H = Keylok Hasp Dongle & Distribution Media (installation CD)

                           U = USB Stick with ElecKey protection



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