Excalibur's MIL-STD-1553 Data Reconstructor utility is a tool for recreating a data transmission stream from a Merlin Plus or Exalt log file using our M4K1553PxII module on the 4000 multi protocol boards. Data can be extracted from the file, and then re-transmitted over the bus to another system in order to see in detail what happened during the recorded test.

The Data Reconstructor Utility's features include user-defined filters to allow the engineer to check the results for specific single or multiple RTs. Real-time view analysis of the data in an external monitor (such as Merlin Plus) is possible as if it were coming in "live". The Data Reconstruction utility can also monitor the filtered stream to a new Merlin Plus format data logfile so that the refined data can be examined without the unwanted messages.

The program allows the engineer to repeat the simulated reconstruction with different filters, allowing a examination of the data-stream many times with different RTs enabled or disabled.

This utility is primarily intended for examining the data without the need to be at the test site - missing RTs can be simulated. Time-Tags can be user-selected to view specific portions of the log file. The program reports the number of messages sent, which can be checked at the monitor side for data loss.

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