Both cards contain 68 Kbytes of true dual-port RAM, for data blocks, control registers and Look-up table, mapped within the Common Memory space. The card also contains a FLASH-based Card Information Structure (CIS) within the Attribute Memory space.

The cards comply with the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA Release 2.1) standard, including Plug and Play. The card's small size and suitability for PCMCIA compatible notebook computers with Type II and Type III slots make it a complete solution for developing and testing ARINC-429 interfaces and for performing system simulation of the ARINC-429 bus, both in the lab and in the field.

The cards are supplied with C drivers, including source code, Mystic Windows software and may be used with Exalt, Excalibur’s Analysis and Laboratory Tools, a Windows monitoring application.  


The card supports ten ARINC channels - six programmable as transmit or receive and four receive only. Each of these channels feature error injection and detection capabilities.

The receive channels allow for the storage of all selected Labels with status and time tag information appended to each word. The receivers allow for filtering and multi-storage modes of Data Words.

The transmit channels operate via a transmit 'instruction stack' which allows scheduling of data transmissions and reduces the need for host computer intervention.


The card supports up to six programmable ARINC-429 channels as above for the DAS-429PCMCIA/RT10. In addition the card supports any combination of four bidirectional input and output discrete channels. Input channels are user-selectable to TTL (0-5V) or Avionics (0-32V) voltage levels. Output channels are open collector, capable of handling up to 32V with a maximum sink current of 100 milliamperes each.

The discrete channels contain control I/O registers that are memory mapped and can be accessed in realtime.



All Excalibur PCMCIA boards support PCMCIA release 2.1 which is a 16 bit version of the spec. Check that your PCMCIA slot supports 16 bit operation. 

Order Information:

Part Number Description
DAS-429PCMCIA/RT10-R 10-channel ARINC-429 interface card  with hardwired cable connection
DAS-429PCMCIA/RT6D4-R 6 ARINC-429 and 4 Discrete channel interface card with hardwired cable connection


"-E" added to the end of the part number specifies extended temperature (-40° to +85°C) option.

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