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The DAS-429ccPMC/RTx is a conduction cooled PMC card which supports five, ten, fifteen or twenty ARINC-429 channels. The DAS-429ccPMC/RTxD is a conduction cooled PMC card which supports five, ten or fifteen ARINC-429 channels and eight Discretes [4 Inputs and 4 Outputs]. Each ARINC-429 channel is software selectable to act as receive or transmit. The receive mode allows for storage of all selected information. An on-board high-speed processor and 64 Kbytes of true dual-port RAM for each of the ten channels offer a simple and powerful interface to the card. The card operates independently, reducing the need for host intervention.

The DAS-429ccPMC/RTx is supplied with C drivers, including source code, Mystic application program and  may be used with Exalt, Excalibur’s Analysis and Laboratory Tools, a Windows monitoring application.

Ordering Information:

Part Number Description
DAS-429ccPMC/RTx ARINC 429 interface board. Supports up to 20 channels
DAS-429ccPMC/RTxD ARINC 429 interface board with Discretes.
Supports up to 15 ARINC 429 Channels and 8 Discretes [4 Inputs and 4 Outputs]

"x" Indicates total number of channels: 5, 10 or 15

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