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The EXC-8000ccVPX is part of the 8000 family of multiprotocol carrier boards. This conduction cooled VPX interface board has a PCI Express host interface and can support up to four independent removable modules and 10 on-board Discrete channels. Each removable module can be any of the 8000 family modules.

The EXC-8000ccVPX supports Direct Memory Access (DMA), which enables the board to access system memory for reading and writing independently of the computer’s CPU. This results in faster data transfer to and from the board, with much less CPU overhead than when not using DMA.

The EXC-8000ccVPX is supplied with C drivers, including source code. Mating connector provided for I/O connection.

Please see multi protocol 8000 modules for additional information on protocols that can be added to this card.  

Ordering Information:

Part Number Description
EXC-8000ccVPX/xx Multi-protocol interface for VPX compatible systems

"xx” specifies the modules ordered with the carrier board (up to 4 modules).
"-001" added to the end of the part number specifies conformal coating option.

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