ARINC-429 interface boards supports multi-channels in any combination of transmitters and receivers. Each of these channels feature error injection and detection capabilities.


ARINC-708 / 453 for the Weather Radar Display Databus.


ARINC-717 interface boards supports multi-channels in any combination of transmitters and receivers.

Serial (RS-232/422/485)

Supports up to four independent channels of serial communications, each of which can be selected as RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232.


Provides a complete solution for developing and testing discrete voltage-level interfaces.

CAN Bus & ARINC-825 (825CAN)

M4KCAN module supports up to 6 CAN Bus channels each containing 256 bytes of dual-port RAM for Data Blocks and control registers. All Data Blocks and control registers are memory mapped, and may be accessed in real time.

M4K825CAN module supports up to 10 ARINC-825 CAN Bus channels

ARINC-664 p7 (AFDX)

The EXC-664PCIe board is an ARINC-664 test and simulation board designed to help integrate avionics suites, and can simulate up to two End Systems with full dual redundant support for receive and transmit operation. The board also contains room for two standard 4000 modules that can support multiple channels of other avionics communications protocols including MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, Serial, Discrete, ARINC-708 and CANbus.


The M4K-ETH is an intelligent Gigabit Ethernet interface module for the multiprotocol Excalibur 4000 family of carrier boards. The module supports 10Mhz, 100Mhz and 1Ghz Full Duplex UDP/IP Ethernet.

429 Tester

The ES-429TK-101 Portable Testing Kit enables you to simulate Airspeed, Altitude and Radio Height values over an ARINC 429 bus using the DAS-429UNET/RT10 card with a portable computer system.

Portable 429 Bus Analyzer

Excalibur Introduces its End to End Solution for your ARINC-429 needs.
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